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These eight questions will help you determine if your academic planning tool is the right one

Less than 60% of college students graduate on time, and more than one million students — many first generation and low income — drop out of college every year.

Why? Experts agree that there are many contributing factors, and that academic planning tools are integral to addressing these concerning trends. Students are bound to face uncertainty as they work toward their degrees, but a tool that automatically creates (and updates) individualized, optimal paths to graduate can help.

Academic Planning Tool Quick Assessment

Complete this quick assessment to determine if your current academic planning tool empowers your institution and your students to make informed course planning decisions.

  • Can you audit the impact of your planning solution easily?
  • Do ≥ 80% of students have an accurate, up-to-date plan?
  • Do ≥ 95% of students register according to their plan?
  • Do students consult their plan before speaking with an advisor? Are student plans ≥ 95% accurate when compared to your audit?
  • Do students update their plan every time grades post?
  • Is the ratio of advisor time spent on developmental advising compared to building schedules at least 3:1?
  • Is the data you get from your planning in terms of supporting future class scheduling ≥ 75% accurate?
  • Do your students rate the quality of your planner ≥ 80%?

If you answered no to two or more of the questions above, your institution, your students, and your advisors will benefit from a new approach to academic planning.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to explore how institutions like yours have improved retention and completion rates as well as increased student satisfaction with a planner that plans.