Course-to-career planning technology.
More informed decisions on campus.
Better student success outcomes.

Our automated, integrated, and optimized course-to-career academic planning technology integrates data from multiple systems with input from students, faculty, advisors, and administration. With EduNav, all campus stakeholders — presidents, provosts, administrators, advisors, and students — can make better decisions.

EduNav’s platform integrates data from multiple systems with input from students, faculty, advisors and administration. Our deep technologies generate Intelligence and Analytics across a spectrum of decisions core to higher education operational and student success.


Navigating academic planning is a big challenge for students

Thousands of course options, billions of plan combinations, and often poor tools, causes students to make poor course decisions – costing time and money.

Optimizing your course offerings is difficult

The knowledge generated from understanding students’ plans is used to optimize course offerings. With EduNav you know which courses your students plan to take and when. 


EduNav focuses on helping you make better decisions

Our big data capabilities, combinatorial algorithms and machine learning technologies, will provide institutions and students with a platform to help them to make better decisions.


More Informed Decision Making On Campus


Real-time, Optimized Education Plans with SmartPlan

In real-time, calculates a student’s optimal path to graduation.

Customizes the route based on preferences and relevant information.

Warns the student if they try to go outside of their optimal pathway.

Facilitates registering directly from the academic plan.


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