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EduNav’s suite of cutting-edge solutions revolutionizes academic planning by removing myriad challenges commonly faced by students.

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky., Sept. 21, 2023 — Elizabethtown Community and Technical College announces a strategic partnership with EduNav, a premier Silicon Valley-based edtech company. This collaboration is part of a new student success plan, including a suite of cutting-edge products from EduNav aimed at addressing persistent challenges to a smooth student experience.

In a scene that plays out on campuses across the US every fall, arriving freshmen face myriad challenges as they attempt to adapt to the rigors of higher education. The college environment can present a daunting ecosystem for students to navigate, and there are many opportunities for them to fall through the cracks en route to graduation.

Enhancing student success requires an optimal course plan with the flexibility to change with life’s evolving circumstances. Current planning tools serve as aids but leave the work of creating and modifying course plans largely to academic advisors and students. By incorporating EduNav’s award-winning suite of completion platforms, ECTC is revolutionizing this process, allowing planning to be done automatically for students.

“ECTC is committed to doing everything we can to help students reach their goals, whether it’s transferring to a four-year institution, earning a degree, or starting a career,” said Dr. Juston Pate, President of Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. “The EduNav Campus Suite is the perfect complement to our other advising and student success initiatives, and we look forward to having every ECTC student benefit from automatic, accurate, up-to-date plans to keep them on track.”

With EduNav, the job of ensuring students are on track will move from their backpacks to the cloud.

By partnering with EduNav, ECTC confirms its commitment to tackling the main obstacles to student success head-on. Impediments to student achievement primarily show up in poor retention, stalled progression, delayed graduation and low satisfaction.

EduNav’s suite attacks those main student challenges with three distinct applications:

  • SmartPlan™: This application automatically generates optimized academic plans for each student, preventing conflicts in academic and personal schedules while recommending the shortest path to graduation. As students progress through their academic journey, SmartPlan automatically updates their plan to ensure they stay on the optimal track to completion.
  • Insights™: This application aggregates data across all students, which lets institutions discover trends, build class schedules and keep students on track even with limited resources.
  • Summit™: This application allows ECTC to identify students who have already met degree/credential requirements, even if not their declared major, and the degrees/credentials each student is closest to completing.

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College wants to keep students on track to graduation by ensuring they have accurate, up-to-date plans that guide them step by step,” said Andrew Brown, CEO of EduNav. “The school will use Insights data to ensure it is offering students the right classes at the right time and in the right capacity. It will leverage our Summit and SmartPlan applications to recognize students who are eligible for degrees and help those who may be struggling to find shorter paths to graduation. We’re particularly encouraged that EduNav helps level the playing field for students, addressing past inequities that disproportionately impact at-risk student populations.”

ECTC, one of 16 two-year open-admission colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), signed a two-year partnership with an option to add three additional years. Additionally, the Agreement allows other KCTCS institutions to purchase these solutions and benefit from substantial discounts.

About EduNav
EduNav is a leading edtech company committed to revolutionizing academic planning and student success. It’s the only cross-institutional audit system and the first company to aggregate student academic history and degree requirement data from multiple SIS and degree audit systems. The innovative, data-driven platform empowers educational institutions and their students by streamlining course scheduling, optimizing graduation pathways and fostering collaboration between academic advisors and students. EduNav ensures a personalized and efficient educational journey for every user. For more information, visit

About Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
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