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EduNav leadership talks all topics transfer and transcript during the 2022 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Summit

According to the U.S. GAO’s analysis of student cohorts across a five-year time period, students lose on average 43% of their credits when transferring institutions. Not only does the transfer process end with wasted time and effort, both for institutions and students, but the process itself is inefficient, with transcript review alone taking on average two to three weeks to complete.  

More concerningly, the transfer process as it stands today leaves too many degrees — and the social and economic mobility that they would contribute to — on the table: The Hechinger Report found that “an estimated two million students no longer in college have enough credits to get associate degrees or could get one with little additional work.” 

During this session, a higher ed leader will explore how students, higher education institutions, and society will benefit from a seamless transfer process.  

Then, executives from EduNav will share how their automated transcript and transfer technology — built by the same minds behind student success solutions already empowering millions of students on thousands of campuses — is primed to make this a reality. 

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