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We answer the questions you may not even know you had about EduNav SmartPlan, EduNav Insights, and EduNav Summit

During our recent student success story hour, we highlighted the progress our partners at two- and four-year institutions are making toward their student success goals. We ended the session with a live Q&A, putting EduNav’s Vice President of Business Development Jeff Relue and Vice President of Customer Success Jim Thibeau in the hot seat as questions came in about what it takes to leverage our campus solutions to drive real change on campus.

We highly recommend viewing the full on-demand webinar, but if you have fewer than 15 minutes to spare, here’s your chance to skip ahead to the Q&A. Listen in as we respond to real-time questions from webinar attendees, including:

  1. Is it possible for prospective students to access EduNav SmartPlan and use it to plan to transfer into an institution?
  2. What does EduNav do differently that makes it a planner that *does* plan?
  3. What is the actual IT lift for your partners?
  4. I’m interested in how your registration system would work with ours. Can you explain?
  5. Are you currently working with any HBCUs or HSIs?