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Aspen Institute Rising Star collaborates with course-to-career solution provider to meet 2025 student success goals

Amarillo College (AC) today shared how it will create the equitable and affordable on-campus environment core to achieving its “No Excuses 2025” strategic goals. The College is launching EduNav SmartPlan and EduNav Insights, award-winning completion platforms, as it works to transform its community and economy through learning, innovation, and achievement.

“Our vision is an 80% completion rate by 2025,” shared Bob Austin, AC’s Vice President of Enrollment Management and the newest appointee to the EduNav Advisory Board. “It’s an ambitious goal, but we know we can achieve it — after all, we’re one of the top five national community colleges, and we received a rarely-awarded perfect score through our recent accreditation renewal process.”

Austin continued: “Working with proven student success partner EduNav will amplify our strengths and translate them to more successful students, whether that looks like a degree earned at AC or a transfer to a four-year institution.”

Andrew Brown, EduNav’s CEO, added, “Together, AC and EduNav will make it easier for students to know which courses they need to take and for the College to offer those courses with the right number of seats at the right times. We’ve seen this approach work with our two- and four-year institutional partners, and we’re thrilled to work with the oft-recognized AC to apply it for their students.”

AC is one of many Texas-based Hispanic-serving institutions, including Dallas College, Texas A&M University—Kingsville, and Sam Houston State University, working with EduNav to boost completion rates. EduNav benefits all of these partner institutions’ most important stakeholders, including:

  • Institutional leadership. Up-to-date data informs presidents, provosts, and other leaders of the answers to critical completion initiative questions, including which students have already met all requirements for a degree or credential even if it’s not their declared goal.
  • Administrators and advisors. Differentiated “guided planning” technology combines updates from multiple information sources in real time so administrators, advisors, and counselors can focus on the valuable service only they can provide: engaging and supporting individual students, rather than rudimentary course planning.
  • Students. Optimal education plans are personalized and automatically created for every student, clarifying the ROI on what is likely one of their most expensive investments to date.
  • Society. More higher education degrees awarded leads to a more qualified workforce, and increases earning potential across global communities.

To see how EduNav’s partner institutions drive student success, watch our on-demand webinar, “Student Success Stories.”