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How RCCD used our tech to shorten pathways to graduation for 3,000 community college students

Riverside Community College District (RCCD) has established itself as a leader in quality student success initiatives and was among the early adopters of EduNav’s advanced technology. As a college system with three campuses (Moreno Valley College, Norco College, and Riverside City College) and over 42,000 students, RCCD implemented EduNav in over 600 of their academic programs. Today, RCCD is seeing positive outcomes from leveraging EduNav’s academic planning platform including measurably improved student completion rates in their Associate’s Degrees for Transfer (ADT) pathways.

When choosing to implement EduNav, RCCD had two objectives: create strategic academic plans for every student and to decrease the units of completion for transfer. RCCD found that within their 2+2 transfer pathway with the University of California and California State University systems, students were taking longer than 2 years to complete the first portion of the pathway. Students were making unrecoverable mistakes, taking classes at the wrong phase of their degrees, and ultimately taking longer to graduate.

By implementing EduNav, RCCD was ensuring that each student would have an optimal individual path to completion. EduNav’s plans are generated using machine learning and combinatorial algorithms, which means a student’s plan is always accurate in real-time. Instead of utilizing just historical data, EduNav compiles advising rules, student preferences, historical data, and course availability to create the optimal plan for the individual student. By choosing advanced technology like EduNav, RCCD was taking the first step to improving their students’ completion rates in the ADT pathway.

In order to measure the improvement in student completion and plan optimization, RCCD and EduNav analyzed half of the student body, comparing the original plans with which an individual student would have registered to the optimal plan generated by EduNav. When contrasted, the data showed that the EduNav plan would create a shorter path to completion for 3,000 RCCD students in just one registration period. This data shows just the early, short-term impact of EduNav’s platform for RCCD. As we look to the future, this software promises long-term improvements in student completion and retention rates.

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