Create your own optimized SmartPlan.
Maximize student retention and completion.

EduNav supports students and their advisors to create a personalized education plan. Our deep technologies help to optimize course offerings.

Our solution is an interconnected system of modules that leverages data from your existing SIS and degree audit systems and utilizes big data, combinatorial algorithms, and machine learning technologies.

The EduNav SmartPlan Solution Offers

Intelligent academic planning to maximize student success by identifying the optimal pathway to graduation and support institutional course planning.

EduNav Pathways To Graduation

EduNav helps the student to develop their personalized, always up-to-date, pathway to completion, incorporating input from their advisor.

EduNav One Click Registration

In just one-click, students can register directly from within the plan EduNav created.

Information is aggregated and provides course demand for future terms.

Edunav Closest Degree

Provides insight into which degrees each student has completed or is closest to completing.

Edunav What if Scenarios

Allow students and advisors to easily do “what-if” scenarios for different programs and/or other academic choices.

Why EduNav is different

EduNav’s technology support students and their advisors to create an optimal plan with advanced “guided planning” technologies. Plans are always valid (passes audit and adheres to all the course restrictions), shaped by systemic advising guidelines and considers the students preferences.
What used to take weeks and even months to accomplish, now takes less than a minute to complete.  Hard to believe? See for yourself by scheduling a demo.

Success for All Stakeholders


  • Guide students to the right courses
  • Each plan passes a degree audit
  • Students can register directly from their plan
  • Informs of any changes to their pathway in real-time
  • Time and cost implications shown when student makes changes
  • Increases completion and graduation rates


  • Advisor defined best practices built into consistent rules
  • Flags students that register for sub-optimal pathways
  • Allows for corrections be made before it’s too late
  • Every student benefits from an Advisor-shaped plan
  • Enables advisors to focus on advising rather than planning
  • Frees up time to support and coach more students
Edunav Advisors Screen
Edunav Admin Screen


  • Graduate more students
  • Enables more accurate forecasting of course demand
  • Optimize course inventory through real-time data
  • Increase advising capacity, consistency and oversight
  • Increase enrollments
  • Graduate students faster, with fewer credits
  • Improve transfer process; remove barriers to equity

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