Maximize Transfers

Transfers are a critical component to our Nation’s higher education industry, impacting nearly 4 in 10 of our Nation’s graduating class. Inefficiency and complexity make transfers a costly activity to the industry, contributing well over $100 billion of cost to the industry or the economy.

Attracting transfer students

To help improve the transfers experience for students and for institutions, EduNav is working with our partners to offer students a transformational transfer capability. With EduNav 2+2 a student in a 2-year college may plan through to graduation at a 4-year institution.

Student Transfer Rates
Complexity is a barrier to scheduling

Complexity is a barrier

Today, the complexity of transfers is a major inhibitor:

  • Articulation agreements are often not in place
  • Course requirements do not easily map from one school to another
  • The process can be highly challenging to navigate for students and advisors
  • Financial Aid support is complicated when students transfer

Students risk losing credits when they transfer

With declines in some areas in enrollment, as well as demographic shifts in our population, improving the ease and numbers of transfers will improve institution economics. In addition, society benefits – an increase in transfers helps with student retention, equity and inclusion goals.

EduNav is highly committed to helping to solve this problem with EduNav 2+2. Our solution will make transfers easier, bring benefits to students, 2 year schools, 4 year schools and to their communities.

Percentages of Student Transfers

With improved transfers, students benefit

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