Webinar: Driving Double-Digit Improvements in Community College Completion

college advisorIs your college looking to increase its completion numbers? How about helping students to be more successful when they graduate?


If you answered yes to either of those questions, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.




Title: Driving Double-Digit Improvements in Community College Completion


When: Wednesday, August 18th at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT


Duration: 45 minutes


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  • Hear how Hillsborough Community College improved completion rates by 40% and how Central New Mexico Community College more than doubled its completion rate from 13% to 31%.
  • Gain insight into how each college took advantage of new strategies, initiatives, and technologies to drive improvements
  • Discover solutions and programs to make students more successful and to drive completion


Hillsborough Community College (HCCFL), in Tampa, and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), in Albuquerque, each implemented a wide range of initiatives to help more of their students complete their degrees and improve upon their careers. Dr. Ken Ray, VP of Student Services at HCCFL, and Ann Lyn Hall, Executive Director at CNM, describe their institution’s goals, programs, results, and lessons learned. From new technology to changes in advising and support, they’ll discuss:


  • What worked.
  • What didn’t. And,
  • What work they still need to do.


They also answered questions during this 45-minute webinar hosted by EduNav Inc., the leader in completion solutions for higher education.