EduNav Summit

Completion Analytics Made Easy!

Automated degree and credential completion analysis for every student across all degrees and credentials.

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Every institution tracks student progress against declared goals, but nearly all of them report this is a time-consuming, inefficient and imprecise process. Worse, no institution has found a way to easily compare their students’ progress against undeclared goals.


Until now.

EduNav Summit is the only solution able to track and manage all students against all credentials and degrees. EduNav Summit automatically compares each student’s unique academic history to the requirements, courses, and prerequisites for every program offered by your institution.


Summit can be deployed and be delivering value in only a few months. EduNav Summit offers unparalleled visibility into your students’ academic progress and will empower you to drive completion rates to new levels.

EduNav Summit answers all of your critical questions to support your completion initiatives:

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Which students have already met all requirements for a degree / credential, even if it isn’t their declared goal?

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How close are students to completing any program, credential or major, whether it is their declared goal or major?
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For each student, which degrees/credentials are they closest to completing?

EduNav Summit delivers the right data to help your institution get more students across the finish line!

Encourage and proactively nudge near-completers
Re-engage and guide stop-out students
Auto-award degrees or credentials
Re-direct struggling or uncertain students

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