Technology Beliefs

Emerging technologies will set the bar much higher for all in higher education.
Technology today is only now starting to highlight the potential seen in other industries. A dramatic emergence of software solutions will help institutions to tackle some of their toughest decisions and challenges.
The Power of Data will help with the management of our institutions and lead to better student outcomes.
The power of data will be harnessed across all areas of strategic focus – student success, demand/revenue management, curriculum optimization, school operations – whether locally, regionally or nationally.
Technology will lead to a more talented workforce and contribute to our broader societal goals.
The wave of new technology will help to address societal equity goals, with benefits to all industry communities. This will contribute to a better experience for our students, and society will be better off.

What Makes Us Different

It comes down to people and technology. EduNav has nationally and internationally renowned education technologists and thought leaders on the team. These professionals have a track record of developing technologies that have solved unique challenges facing colleges and universities. This team has the knowledge, ability, and depth of experience needed to help our institution partners to achieve their student success goals.

EduNav has developed competence in critical areas:

  • Accessing data from separate complex information systems and making effective use of this data.
  • Creating deep technology for higher education by aggregating big data, combinatorial algorithmic developing skills and machine learning capability.
  • Leverage of our rich history in higher education – as academics, advisors, technology suppliers and as consultants. Our combined knowledge and experience provides the level of understanding required to develop and implementation such mission critical solutions.

Our Deep Technology Differentiation

EduNav Big Picture

Our Approach

EduNav enables institutions to make better decisions by harnessing the power of the data they already have, in combination with the data and insights we build from our broader industry experience. EduNav’s expanding deep technology capabilities includes combinatorial algorithms, data analytics and machine learning. We leverage this core to help higher education achieve goals in decision-making, enrollment and organization efficiency. This impacts the individual student, an entire institution and a system of institutions. Of equal, or even greater importance, is our desire to help students make better decisions. This is the heart of our mission.

We have set our sights high – we believe EduNav will help to build a better society, where equity goals are more easily achieved. Our results with our customers are already contributing to this goal. We want to be measured with some of the same metrics held dear by our partner institutions; student success metrics, revenue and cost goals, academic results and equity targets. This alignment will benefit us all.

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